Our Story is Your Story.

In our over thirty year history, we’ve had the honor to serve hundreds of children and their families. Their time with us, at the Center, is so brief in the journey of their lives, but each child and family imparts such an invaluable lesson to us as educators, parents, family, friends and human beings that we have to admit – we are the true beneficiaries of the experience.

We plan on doing a better job at being true keepers of our history together, by compiling your comments and thoughts you are willing to share, here for all to see.

Here are just a few of our past client thoughts regarding Centro de Niños y Padres (Center for Young Children and their Families). This page exists to serve as a touchstone for family and friends of our program and to those visitors or observers who want to learn more about the experience. From time to time, we’ll update this page to reflect our client’s thoughts and rememberances on our program and how the services provided helped to make a difference in their lives.

“Centro de Niños has been more like the light at the beginning of the tunnel than at the end of it. They’ve given us a lot of hope for our son and our family.”

– Monique Moraga (Centro client 2009-10)

“There were times at Centro de Niños that I thought I couldn’t handle the pressures that my child’s disability meant. The teachers showed me ways to cope with my feelings and focus on what was important. They were as much family to us as anyone else in our lives. Bless you all.”

– A former client (Centro client 2006-7)

“I learned about how to feed my child a nutritious meal. This was really important because I was never really taught how to cook. I look forward to the day that I'm as good a cook as the women at Centro.”

– Another former client (Centro client 2010-11)

“There was a lot going on in our lives at this point and we didn't have an understanding of what was available to us as services. The teachers and staff at Centro de Niños y Padres really helped our young family find the organizations to assist us.”

– Former client (Centro client 1998-99)

“My mother really loved everyone at Centro for all the help you gave her with me. I have a job and an apartment and some help when I need it. For my mom and for me I thank you.”

– Former client (Centro client 1980-81)

In Our Community, Everyone’s Opinion Matters.

In order to better serve our community, we hope to always strive for a smarter way of doing things. From our specialized programs and circle time, to our parent meetings and in-home services, your comments and suggestions are an important part of how we make the educational experience better.

Take a moment to send us your thoughts on how we can improve our program for the future. Click here or send us an e-mail to us at feedback@centrodeninos.org. Thank you.