Accepting the Challenge. Living with Hope.

Located on the campus of California State University Los Angeles, Centro de Niños y Padres (Center for Young Children and their Families) is a family-focused program providing services to children birth to age three, who have or are at risk for a developmental disability. As one of the oldest and most pioneering special education early learning centers in the country, this program serves families in the neighboring culturally diverse communities through developmentally appropriate practices. The program serves children who have been identified as having developmental disabilities and children who are at risk, including those with complex and intensive medical needs. We also welcome infants and toddlers without disabilities whose parents are interested in a family centered early learning environment dedicated to diversity and celebration of the family role in development and learning.

A Fresh Perspective on the Challenges Ahead.

Our mission is to ensure young children with disabilities reach their maximum potential. Many families enter our program with little knowledge or experience in managing the unique challenges they'll face moving forward. We consider our program a success when families leave this center with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently advocate for their child and consistently support their child’s ongoing development.

We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you'll take this opportunity to learn more on how Centro de Niños y Padres can help you take meaningful steps in your child's development. If you have comments or questions about our program or services, or simply need more information, click on the Contact Us link provided.

Thanks for visiting! We look forward to helping you and your child on the way to a bright future.

In the News: Centro’s Releases Our First Promotional Video!

It's taken a long while to pull together the resources and talent to shoot and produce our first video about Centro. We'd like to thank everyone involved in making this needed presentation tool for our program. Special thanks to Kelleth Chinn for his directorial services and talent in producing such a wonderful video! You can view the video in a larger format on Centro's YouTube channel.